Well as I’ve recently found out again Akismet of WordPress works quite well and on many occasions too well. It blocked many comments which should have been allowed.

I apologize for everyone I missed or who got blocked since I’m a total lazy man but i found a solution which should work better in the future.

As for you guys out there with a similar problem there’s a nice solution. It’s called Conditional Captcha it show’s a capcha if a comment is flagged by Akismet an then depending on your plugin configuration allows it or not.

I hope I won’t miss so many comments anymore with this but well we will see how it works out =)


EDIT: Switched over to the great Disqus plugin which is just awesome!


Oh and for you seo guys out there stop it. I won’t perform seo optimization whatsoever since it just way to much hastle … and in the end I just don’t care.